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Committee Meeting 2023

On March 11th, the Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK (CLSS-UK) held its latest committee meeting online. The meeting discussed principles for future sponsorship, the restart of offline academic conferences, and plans and arrangements for the 2023 conference.


CLSS-UK has received strong support from various organizations and institutions, which is crucial for its operations, and the society expresses sincere appreciation for this. To ensure the independence and impartiality of the society, it will adopt a more robust and proactive approach to cooperating with its sponsors in the future.


As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic gradually subsides, CLSS-UK will soon restart a new round of offline academic conferences. The confirmed speakers so far include:


  • Dr. Yan Liu (Imperial College London; Glycosciences) in March,

  • Dr. Jing Ren (LMB-Cambridge; Developmental assembly of the serotonin system) in April,

  • Dr. Fang Liu (University of Reading; Speech prosody, speech production and perception, pitch processing and its cognitive and neural bases) in May. The offline conferences will provide a more effective platform for academic peers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome to participate.


Finally, the society announced that the 2023 annual conference will be held on Saturday, August 5th at Queen Mary University of London, and plans to finalize the conference program before June of this year. To provide members and partners with more timely and accurate information and a more convenient way of communication, and further enhance the society's influence and reputation, the society will update its official website as soon as possible. Please stay tuned.


In 2023, CLSS-UK will continue to build a platform for information sharing and academic cooperation among Chinese life scientists in the UK, and promote communication and exchanges between China and the UK in the field of life sciences. The society plans to continue holding a series of academic lectures to increase the academic reputation of Chinese scholars, with a focus on promoting the career development of young scholars in academic institutions in the UK.


The current CLSS-UK board members and their specific responsibilities are as follows:


Committee Chair: 李会良Huiliang Li (University College London)

Committee Secretary: 罗寿青Shouqing Luo (University of Plymouth)

Treasurer: 陈桂芬Guifen Chen (Queen Mary University of London)

External Relations: 李佳Jia Li (Imperial College London)

Academic Development: 苏里Li Su (University of Cambridge/University of Sheffield)

Media and Publicities: 顾全Quan Gu (University of Glasgow)

Managing Director in Early Career Researchers: 常金科Jinke Chang (University College London)

Managing Director in Development: 曾京昆Jingkun Zeng (Francis Crick Institute)

Managing Director in Scientific Review: 李文强龙Wenqianglong Li (University of Oxford)

Young Director in Scientific Review: 王键Jian Wang (Francis Crick Institute)

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