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Partnership and Sponsorship between CLSS-UK and Axol Bioscience Ltd

Axol is a fresh and exciting biotech company founded to fulfil the unmet demand for high quality iPS cell-derived, clinically relevant cells for use in biomedical research and discovery. We are applying cutting-edge stem cell technologies to generate high quality human neural stem cells and neurons. Cerebral cortical neurons are implicated in numerous neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, autism, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and stroke. Despite growing support for research in these areas, high quality human in vitro cell models for cortical neurophysiology have been unavailable until now. Axol has led the launch of their technology with a focus on providing both healthy and Alzheimer’s disease relevant human neurons derived from iPS cells.

We are providing researchers with an affordable, easily accessible, in vitro human system to complement their existing studies of cortical development, function and diseases, while helping them to avoid potential ethical challenges faced when considering the use of embryonic stem cells. Our technology provides a platform for developing or testing novel therapeutic interventions and understanding the disease pathologies more thoroughly.

Axol is headquartered and maintains production on the Babraham Research Campus, a bio-incubator renown for inspiring innovation and success, located in Cambridge, UK. We expect to see significant growth through milestone driven strategy and global diversification. As we expand, we will bring on a plethora of exceptional talent to help us further extend our manufacturing and marketing capabilities, including a diverse evolution of the product lines to ensure we become the leading global market authority for iPS Cell derived research components.

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