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Post-doc position for 3 years, King's College London, UK

A post-doc post is funded by Medical Research Council, UK for a 3 years research project and aims to understand the biological significance in man and explore the therapeutic use in the prevention of chronic renal transplant injury.

The post holder will be an integral member of a team undertaking original scientific research on the targeting C5aR in chronic inflammation, renal fibrosis and late graft dysfunction in MRC Centre for Transplantation at Guy’s Campus, King’s College London.

The post holder is expected to: i) set up the mouse models of renal ischemia/reperfusion injury and kidney transplantation ii) assess the protective effect of complement C5a receptor antagonist (C5aRa) on chronic inflammation, renal fibrosis and late graft dysfunction, iii) explore the mechanisms by which C5aRa confers the protection in late graft dysfunction. Extensive experience of animal work and microsurgery skill in rodent are essential. Experience in histopathology, cellular and molecular biology and cell signalling will be an advantage.

The salary for this appointment will within the grade 6 scale at £35,597 per annum plus £2,323 London Allowance per annum.

For an informal discussion of the post, please contact Dr Wuding Zhou on 02071881528 or via email at

For more detail, please see KCL website.

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