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Committee 2022-2023

Committee Chair:李会良Huiliang Li(University College London)

Committee Secretary:罗寿青Shouqing Luo(University of Plymouth)

Treasurer:陈桂芬Guifen Chen(Queen Mary University of London)

External Relations:李佳Jia Li(Imperial College London)

Academic Development:苏里Li Su(University of Cambridge/University of Sheffield)

Media and Publicities:顾全Quan Gu(University of Glasgow)

Managing director in Early career researchers:常金科Jinke Chang(University College London)

Managing director in Development and Operations:曾京昆Jingkun Zeng(Francis Crick Institute)

Managing director in Scientific review:李文强龙Wenqianglong Li(University College London)

Young director in Scientific review:王键Jian Wang(Francis Crick Institute)

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